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We are your source of branding excellence for all media applications.

Logos that shine. Copy that sizzles. Advertising campaigns that impress. Websites and print products that inspire action. Since 2002, we've helped clients tailor their brands and tell their stories in a way that arouses their markets. Our success is steeped in a sincere desire to serve our clients with integrity and passion.

Why Work With ViewSource Media?


  • We have assembled a team of exceptional designers, writers, and developers who care about getting it right and meeting your needs.
  • We are the size we are on purpose. We like it that way. So will you. Our systems are simple and our pricing is right. Big enough to deliver a broad range of expertise; small enough to stay nimble and accessible.
  • We stay on top of trends and technology. The communications, marketing, and media landscape is changing all the time. We can help you make decisions about what to do... and what not to do.
  • We won't drown you in jargon. With new technology comes new language that can scare the heck out of most people and drive a wedge between clients and their agencies. We don't like that. We use plain language and keep things simple.
  • We're modest and collaborative in our approach. You know more about your company/organization than we do. Our job is to celebrate your brand and elevate your story.

Our 5-Step Process


We work with you to understand what you do, how you do it, and what success looks like for your business or organization. We'll ask you a bunch of questions and then turn into a bunch of sponges. Relax. It's just a metaphor.

A Note From Jeff And The Crew

Since ViewSource Media was born in 2002, our approach has been simple. Listen to our clients. Stay on top of design trends and new technology. Don't bog things down with big words and scary tech talk. Be ridiculously accessible. Stay relaxed. Have some fun. Advise wisely. Price fairly. Stay passionate. Always innovate. Turn off the coffee machine before we leave for the day. And make sure everything we touch achieves meaningful results for our clients.

The formula seems to be working. While a lot of boutique firms have come and gone over the years, VSM keeps rolling along. No grandiose expansions or mergers on the horizon. Just a steady flow of captivating projects for top-notch clients – returning and new. I'm proud of that.

I'm also proud of the team we've assembled here at VSM. In house, we've got web design expertise; computer coding knowhow; old-school print design mastery; strategic savvy; and dynamic branding grace and polish. Project-by project, we round out our team with superior writers, illustrators, videographers, and other experts to make it all come together for our clients.

Give me a call. Stop by for coffee. Let our team help you grow and excel.

Jeff Hollyoake, Founder and Managing Director

ViewSource Media - 586 Academy Road, Winnipeg MB