Our marketing and design retainer.

For a monthly fee, viewsource connect will be your marketing department, your digital guru, your brand and design specialist all rolled into one.

Imagine having...

an available professional graphic designer for your newsletters, posters, signs, and more – a designer who understands who you are and what you do

seamless management of your website – including prompt updates and tactics to improve your search engine rankings

expert marketing leadership to help you get the right message to the right audience at the right time – in print and online

absolute cost certainty when it comes to your marketing and graphic design needs

No need to imagine!

When you enter into a monthly marketing and design retainer contract with ViewSource Media, you can have all of this service delivered by one of Winnipeg’s leading marketing and design firms. And it’s all available for a fraction of the cost of adding or replacing a staff member.

What is it?

A marketing and design retainer is a formal business relationship between your business/organization and viewsource connect. For a flat monthly fee, viewsource connect will meet your marketing and design needs and become your strategic ally.

While we will work with you to spell out the work you need us to do, this is more than that. Far more. It’s not just about projects, it’s about partnership. As your retained marketing and design partner, we will help you strategize and organize so you can take a deep breath and focus on doing what you do best.

Think of viewsource connect as your marketing department, your digital guru, your brand and design specialist all rolled into one... at a price that makes sense.

You are probably making some guesses in your mind about how much this will cost.

Read on. You will be surprised.

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Why it works

We help you paint the big picture and we manage the details. We have skin in the game. We have to look you in the eye. Often. We are accountable to you on strategy, on tactics, and on performance.

With viewsource connect, we don’t simply think about projects, we think about purpose. You don’t have to remember that it’s time to start planning your fall mailer. We will.

viewsource connect will meet with you regularly to strategize and organize.

We will 'blue sky' and 'dot the i.'

The benefits to you

With a viewsource connect marketing and design retainer, you get expert priority service from a trusted, established, marketing and design firm serving clients in all sectors since 2002.

You can hire a marketing executive who may or may not have graphic design skills for a hefty paycheque. Or you can enter into a viewsource connect marketing and design retainer for less than half the cost, and we don’t take sick days and parental leave; we don’t need a benefits package; and we don’t need your office space, computers, or Post-it notes.

Cost certainty. With viewsource connect, you will know exactly what your marketing and design expenditures will be for the year. Not just because of our flat fees, but with our expertise in print planning, web management, and digital communications we can provide early, fast estimates for all of your marketing costs.

Convenience and peace of mind. You don’t need to find a new designer every time you have a project. You don’t need to stress about who can help out on a last-minute need that you didn’t foresee. viewsource connect has your back. And we’ll help you avoid that whole "last-minute" thing in the first place.

Our supplier relationships help you. Because of the amount of print, photography, and copywriting we commission, we can connect you with the right people at the right price. We will manage all of your digital properties, clean up your logos, and treat your brand as if it were our own. We will meet with you monthly to talk shop, stay on track with current marketing and design needs, review your website data, and more.

Even our most sophisticated retainer package costs less than hiring your own marketing leader or graphic designer.

Why we do this

We’ve been in the marketing and design business since 2002. We have served hundreds of organizations and businesses; millions of people have seen our work. Over the years we have learned that we are happiest and best when we can dive deep and help our clients at a strategic level. Sure, we can do a poster. But we prefer to do a strategy first.

Just like you have cost certainty with a viewsource connect marketing and design retainer, we have revenue certainty. This helps us plan better and deliver optimal service year-round because we’re not always looking for new project work and replying to RFPs. We hate RFPs. When we can serve you regularly, we can focus on the consistency of your message and brand, and we can stay on top of quality control. That’s good for us, and it’s even better for you.

With a retainer relationship, we have a vested interest in your success

We like that. It makes us stretch.

We like asking (and answering) the question:

"What more can we do for you to help you succeed?"

Just a few examples of how you might use
viewsource connect...

  • "Let's just do
    what we did last year."

    Under a marketing and design retainer, viewsource connect will help you think outside of the box. Don’t repeat the same annual report format or ad schedule or campaign when you know it could be better. With viewsource connect, you don’t have to do what is safe and convenient. You can do what’s best.

  • "We need a quick ad
    for the careers section."

    Any time you put your logo out there, it should look good and convey the right message. Just because anybody can grab a logo and drop it in a Word file doesn’t mean just anybody should. viewsource connect will make sure any ad or poster produced on your behalf is crisp, sharp, and correct.

  • "Hey! Only 16 people
    opened our e-newsletter.
    And I was one of them. That kinda sucks."

    viewsource connect will help you plan and package your e-newsletters to help you meet and exceed open rates for your sector.

  • "The gala is coming up!"

    viewsource connect can produce invitations, signage, brochures, print ads, and website ads that are all on brand, on message, consistent, and effective. Let your staff do what they do best while viewsource connect shapes and sharpens the message.

  • "We still have Tom listed
    on the website. He left us in January!!"

    We will take care of web changes for you whether you have a content management system or you call your “web guy” and pay them every time you want to make a change. Hand over the keys to viewsource connect and heave a sigh of relief.

  • "We're going to blog every month!"

    Sure you are. Lots of companies and organizations make that promise and then reality gets in the way. viewsource connect can help you build an editorial calendar and move your content forward.

  • "Has anybody even seen
    this on our site?"

    viewsource connect can provide expert analytics about your website. Who’s looking at your site and what are they doing once they get there? We will help you understand the data and propose changes to improve your numbers.

  • "That is going to cost
    too much to print!"

    viewsource connect will help you print your project on time and on budget. We have relationships with printers across Manitoba, we understand print planning and costing, and we are experts in paper selection. We will find the right printer for your project at the right price.

There is a viewsource connect marketing and design retainer package that will suit your needs and your budget.

Want to know more?

Send us a note and we will get in
touch with you.

Fill out our assessment form to
determine the right package for you.