eLearning and Online Training Platforms

Take Your Online Training to the Next Level

The quality of your elearning & online training platforms will have a direct impact on the experiences of your students and members. Whether you are teaching a distance education course, training staff or members from an organization, ViewSource Media from Winnipeg can help you organize and present your content in a way that inspires student/member engagement and promotes retention.

Our eLearning and Online Training Platform Features Include:

  • Fully Customizable

    Our elearning and online training platforms are fully customized for the needs of individuals schools, colleges, universities, government learning centres, non-profit organizations, teachers, professors, and corporate trainers.

  • Easy to Learn

    Our intuitive navigation system is designed to support learners of all technological abilities.

  • A Bold Learning Experience

    Materials can include surveys, quizzes, wikis, chat rooms, blogs, certificates, and portfolios.

  • The Grading Tools You Need

    You can integrate grade tracking, progress reports, multiple languages and more.

  • Media Rich Content

    By incorporating video, audio, interactive tasks, and seamless assessment tools, we can help you reach users in a meaningful and memorable way.

  • Communication Made Easy

    You can include chat, blogs and other options for instructors and users to communicate with each other.

  • Simple Database Access

    Instructors or administrative users can access complete, real-time statistics on any student, staff or organizational members.

  • Easy to Edit

    A robust content management system allows instructors or administrative users to add or edit course materials. Your course can stay the same year to year, or evolve over time.

  • A Seamless Online Experience

    Your elearning and online training platform can be integrated into your existing website, ensuring a look and feel that fits your brand.

  • Expert Hosting and Support

    Your elearning and online training platform will be fully supported, maintained, and hosted by ViewSource Media in Winnipeg. Assistance is just an email or call away.

Here's How it Works

You set the curriculum and supply the resources, and we make it all happen. Once we get a sense of your optimal learning environment, we will create fully customized learning modules that your staff, members or students can access via computer or mobile device. Your elearning and online training platform can stand alone, or be integrated into a new or existing website, ensuring brand consistency and a seamless user experience.

Your customized elearning and online training platform can include reading materials, audio and video, wikis, chat rooms and more. Similar to a traditional classroom setting, you can incorporate online quizzes, portfolios and assignments, and students can interact through chat rooms, blogs and email.

Want to know more?

Send us a note and we will get in touch with you.

Why Use an eLearning and Online Training Platform?

Save time by making your lesson plans available immediately, reduce your environmental impact, and give users the opportunity to learn at their own pace. From an economical standpoint, it's a great way to cut costs associated with in-person trainers and course materials, as well as travel, accommodations and space rentals.

The End Result

A flexible, immersive learning experience that is incredibly economical. Your staff or students will learn how they want, where they want, and receive a quality education in the process.

eLearning and Online Training Platform Portfolio Samples

MCSW Ethics E-Learning

MAHSI Safety Essentials E-Course