Your brand identity -- your logo -- is often the first thing your audiences encounter when they get to know your business or organization. That logo should make a stunning impression – one that gives people a strong sense of who you are, what you do, and why you matter. Based out of Winnipeg, we can help you do that through colour, typography, smart tag lines, and vivid graphics. The total package will reflect your business strategy and have strong recognition in the marketplace. It can't just look good; it has to DO good.

Design Know Wow. Technical Know How.

Not only can we design a logo that leaves a lasting impression in people’s minds, we provide the technical guidance and file types so that your logo will always appear the way it’s supposed to appear. No jagged edges. No fuzzy figures.

Anchored by a brand strategy document that anticipates and answers all of your logo questions, we will provide you with file types that can be used in conventional printing, large banners, presentations, social media, and more. Your logo will never be blurry again.

And if you have a beat-up old logo that you still love, we can clean it up for you and bring it up to snuff – clean, current, usable files without compromising a look that that already defines you.

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